Terms of Service

The general conditions of use are subject to change without notice. It is therefore up to any potential user to take note of it.

Nilsyla exclusively offers mobile applications and digital books. The applications are stored on the google playstore, the digital books exclusively on the Nilsyla site. In the event of the withdrawal of one or more products from the site library, Nilsyla undertakes to update the information provided on its site within a few days.

Nilsyla declares that it does not record any private data of any kind, whether on its site or its applications.

Nilsyla does not use any cookies on its website.
Nilsyla is the author-owner of the various published digital books and applications, logos and graphic elements of the site. It is strictly forbidden to resell, distribute or copy all or part of Nilsyla's creations. It is strictly forbidden to print the creations, unless expressly authorized by Nilsyla.

The user acknowledges having read all of these general conditions of use and subscribes to them without reservation.